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Worth the Upgrade: Impressive SQL Server 2016 SSRS/SSIS Goodies!


5:30 PM - 5:45 PM: General Announcement
5:45 PM - 6:15 PM: Dinner & Conversation
6:15 PM - 7:30 PM: Main Presentation
7:30 PM - 7:45 PM: Wrap-up

Featured Presentation:

Worth the Upgrade: Impressive SQL Server 2016 SSRS/SSIS Goodies!

Gay Spencer, BI Data Architect/Developer TeamSoft

SSRS and SSIS have gotten some great new features in SQL Server 2016 that architects, DBAs and developers are going to love. Businesses will love having features baked into their SQL licenses that would otherwise require purchasing expensive third party applications, and geeks will be able to leverage impressive new skills in providing reports and analytics.

About Gay:
Gay Spencer became a SQL Server fan after a liberal artsy start (in Radio/TV and Photography) working in small town Texas Radio News and then running a little photography company (in Ohio). In the process of completing a Masters degree in Communication (at Purdue) and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (at Ohio State), she spent too much time discovering interesting things a person can do with statistics on the university mainframe. This led to getting an IBM PC to talk to the mainframe to do statistics and early experiments in programming that monster with 256K of memory in 1984. Helping statistically phobic social scientists collect and analyze data (in Philadelphia!) was interesting, but she’s never looked back after getting a SQL 2000 certification at the turn of the millennium. Gay worked in higher education, stock photography, the construction industry, social service nonprofits, state government, political campaigns, mortgage/title research, and now does BI/Data Warehouse development in a semen factory (pretty much… otherwise known as ABS Global, Deforest, WI). She hopes to start at least 3 different businesses that leverage SQL Server in the next decade and to embrace her adopted state of Wisconsin! You can find her @gaylyndie on Twitter or email: